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Oxygen Equity is the optaMAX vehicle that invests in or acquires great Australian small - medium sized businesses for the long-term.

Reaching a Deal


The optaMAX investment arm Oxygen Equity can provide the perfect transition for a business owner or owners who want to:

  • See their legacy protected and sustained for the long-term

  • Keep their organisation intact

  • Transition quickly to new long-term owners-operators who take a hands-on approach

Oxygen Equity is not a big investment firm trying to build an extensive portfolio of businesses, or a big corporate looking to merge your business into theirs, only to then cut people and costs.

We are entrepreneurs-owners-managers committed to running a great Australian business, building on existing capability and delivering sustained growth over the long-term.

We want to participate with you in the next phase of growth or transition your business to new leadership.

Business Handshake


Oxygen Equity invests in great small to medium sized businesses and lead by Deanne McDonald resourced by a small investment team. 

Deanne grew up working in her family's import and retail businesses and worked for several very large family owned businesses; she understands it not just business.  She has also had an extensive executive and corporate career, with over 25 years' in the engineering and infrastructure industries she has:

  • worked as part of executive teams, engineering teams, construction teams, operations and maintenance teams

  • provided consulting services

  • refreshed business strategy, operations, processes and systems

  • grown existing businesses via new markets and services

  • improved business operations and profits

  • developed management teams.

Deanne has an MBA, is a graduate member of AICD, an Assoc Fellow of AIM, and a member of AIPM.  She is passionate about delivering long-term sustainable business outcomes through adaptability and responsiveness to the continually changing business environment.

Signing a Contract


Demonstrated Profitability

  • Revenues of $5 - $25m

  • Profits of > $500k (EBITDA)

  • Stable revenues

  • History of profitability - min 3yrs

Company Characteristics

  • Strong recurring revenues

  • Diversified customer base

  • Low annual capex

  • Simple ownership structure

  • Capable management team

Types of Companies

  • Project Services business covering the full list of product and services ​provided.

  • Businesses in adjacent industries that meet the investment criteria.

Owner's Situation

  • Real commitment to partner or sell

  • Seeking to retire or step back

  • Succession unclear

  • Desire to protect your legacy

Image by Julia Ivanina



Oxygen Equity offers you the opportunity to grow your business or transition out of your business confident that your legacy, your staff, and customers will be respected and cared for.


Unwavering integrity is critical to long-term success in any venture. It is the foundation of trust and strong relationships.


We are not a private equity firm; we an long-term investor so we structure transactions and transitions that works for all parties.

Our Commitment

Oxygen Equity is looking to build on the strength of your business and create additional long-term value. Your business and sustainable value creation will be our focus.

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